lundi 3 mai 2010

Echinocereus pentalophus

Je l'attendais depuis un bon moment كنت أنتظر الازهار منذ وقت طويل

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  1. Une merveille cette fleur

  2. Cette fleur est magnifique !!!

  3. The creative group "Chervone ta Chorne" ("Red&Black")
    is in a process of getting ready to organize and proceed with a program of charity project "Become the Angel of Goodness!" -
    "We need each other".
    This is just a private initiative of concerned community members.
    Anyone who wishes can join regardless of geographical distance.

    The object of the charity is to offer help to the following two groups:
    1. children orphans or those abandoned by their parents that stay at orphanages and school residences in Ukraine;
    2. lonely seniors and invalids living in senior residences and nursing homes throughout Ukraine, and other lonely adults that require special care.

    The Mission statement:
    To ease the pain of loneliness among children- orphans and seniors.

    The Concept:
    To provide continuous and positive contact with children at orphanages and senior citizens at the senior residences.

    Children and seniors has always been the most vulnerable members of our society. It is more difficult to deal with everyday life when loneliness is part of it. Exorbitant number of orphans will never see the arrival of their mothers. The senior citizens are left, for different reasons, on their own without support of their relatives.
    Children only learn their first steps whereas seniors can offer rich life experience.
    Care, Love and Support is what all of them require.
    Grandmas and grandpas are those guardian angels of happy childhood. They can never replace real parents but can offer something close to a family.
    Grandchildren - it is a continuation of life. The incentive of new life causes the other life to grow stronger.
    Support and Care of each other is what lonely people need.
    In the process of realizing the project "WE NEED EACH OTHER",

    during meetings organized for orphans and seniors, artists of various kinds, poets and writers perform for the audience.
    An emotional bond between the performers and audience develops.
    To make it memorable the organizers leave some small unique souvenirs.
    They should brighten the lonely life, evoke the need of care of someone who needs special attention.

    We give plants
    that are not afraid to be neglected and can easily be taken care of.
    We also wish to create mini- & vertical gardens.
    For that we require succulent plants (not cactuses please).

    Especially different kinds of plants with thick and fleshy leaves (Crassulaceae).
    We ask those that care to support our project by mailing us seeds
    (if possible, we would like seedlings, partials plants or whole mature plants,
    as well as pockets and other modules for mini & vertical gardens.

    for orphaned children, seniors and invalids !

    Please send all proposals and correspondence to the following address:
    and immediately wanting to help plant seeds and cuttings can send them to the following address

    Teplyi Jaroslav
    Str. Velyka Berdychivska,
    bud.60, kv.6,
    Zhytomyr, 10002,